Transcription Services

Online services like YouTube utilize subtitling algorithms to attempt at making videos more accessible to a wider audience, but these pieces of software are experimental and spotty at best. They lack the understanding of language, context clues, and punctuation that are necessary for human verbal communication. As of yet, computer algorithms are woefully inadequate to the task. Human transcribers recognize these nuances without any problem, and this makes the traditional method of audio transcription preferred for all professional needs.

I offer competitive rates for audio transcription for businesses, education, film, and television. This work includes standard audio to text transcription (.doc or .pdf deliverables) as well as audio subtitles for home video, online distribution, and television broadcast (.srt, etc…). I have delivered quality transcriptions and subtitles for many clients including PBS, Condé Nast Entertainment, The Outdoor Channel, CBS, and more.

Please see my standard rates below, and feel free to contact me for more information. The rates below are listed per minute of recorded audio.

Audio Transcription Rates (English Spoken Only)

Turnaround TimeRates for Clear AudioRates for Difficult Audio*
3 to 5 Days$0.99/minute$1.49/minute
2 to 3 Days$1.24/minute$1.74/minute
Next Day$1.49/minute$1.99/minute
Same Day$1.74/minute$2.24/minute
* Difficult audio is that which has poor recording quality, excessive background noise, or speakers with thick accents or dialects.