Video Editing and Motion Design

I have 10+ years experience with non-linear video editing software, primarily in Final Cut Pro 7. I also have experience working in both Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Soundtrack Pro. In addition to editing and motion design, I have experience authoring and printing DVDs and Blu-ray discs through programs such as DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Encore.

Video Editing

“We Started With An Old Shoebox: Saving LGBT History” – 2018

Edited by David M. Hall

After my recent project working asa editor and motion graphics director on “Before Homosexuals”, I was asked to utilize some of the unused footage to create a short documentary. “We Started With An Old Shoebox” is a brief glimpse into the world of LGBT archives from around the world.

“Before Homosexuals: From Ancient Times to Victorian Crimes” – 2017

Directed by John Scagliotti, After Stonewall Productions

I was co-editor, producer, and motion graphics director for this feature-length historical documentary. The film chronicles stories, art, and poetry representing same-sex desire from ancient history up until the death of Oscar Wilde. The film is currently on the US film festival circuit. We are in the process of developing the educational license release for the film, and planning for an international festival run in 2018. This film was edited in Final Cut Pro 7 with motion graphics clips created in Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Motion Design

When designing motion graphics and animation for feature-length documentary, interstitials, or short films, I like to incorporate both handmade elements and digital effects. The “real” drawings and paintings help ground the digital effects and create a satisfying texture in the final results. My preferred toolset includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Blender. I have some limited experience working in the Cinema4D environment.

Selected Shorts

“May I Love You Like a Fish?” – 2010

This was a fun little project. It tells the story of our progress and longing for simpler times. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7.

“Bug” – 2009

Short animation based on a piece recorded by Amps for Christ on the album “The People at Large”. Elements are hand drawn, prepared in Adobe Photoshop, and animated in Adobe After Effects.

“Fisherman” – 2009, MOS

Very fun, brief animation of the dangers of deep sea fishing. Elements created in Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe After Effects.

“YouTube Nation” – 2006

My first short film. It’s about one young man’s dream of becoming a YouTube celebrity (before there was such a thing). Edited in Final Cut Pro 7.